The Ship

If "the world's largest floating pinboard" gets completely filled in with posts on both sides, we will buy a ship for the Bowspirit Kids. Our market analysis has identified several older passenger ferries as being suitable for our project. Therefore, specific details about "our" ship cannot be provided until this campaign has been successfully completed and negotiations with the current owner have been concluded.
Even though we cannot provide specific detailed information about the ship yet, here is what we envision for it:

Guests sleep right on board and stay in standard two-bed or four-bed cabins, each equipped with a shower, sink and WC. The cabins are single-occupancy, but offer our young guests the opportunity to invite their best friend to stay overnight.

Play and Activity Rooms
The play and activity rooms will have a wide variety of indoor play equipment and toys, tailored to the respective age groups.

Arts & Crafts Rooms
Kids can get really their creative juices flowing in our arts & crafts rooms - whether textile crafts, woodworking or an easy-going drawing session.

The ship's cook is not only responsible for the nutritional well-being of our young guests on board. He also shows them his secret "magic tricks" at the stove, in the pantry and on the sideboard.

Climbing Parcourse
A climbing parcourse will be built on the ship's former car deck; by the way, it will be the first and largest of its kind designed especially for children and youth.

Swimming Pool
A small pool with a pool landscape lets guests go swimming in both winter and summer.

The gym will feature indoor sports equipment and ping-pong tables.

Disco Club
A small disco with a dance floor and seating areas will also be on board.

LEGO® Theme Area
We will build the largest floating LEGO indoor land aboard the ship. LEGO will play a key role on board: "Just imagine ..."

The PLAYMOBIL theme area is a perfect complement to the facilities, especially for children.

Reading Room
Guests can immerse themselves in the world of "Pippi Longstocking", "Jim Button" or "The Little Watersprite" ... and nestle into this cosy atmosphere to read books or listen to stories.

Since the ship is an essential part of our concept, it needs a special name, of course. And who would be a better namesake when it comes to a very special place for children than

MARY POPPINS - the most magical nanny in the world?

It's going to be supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!