Penguin with heart needs entrepreneurs with heart

The main goal of the Bowspirit Kids' project is to fill in the existing gap, providing the services the European social systems are currently unable to deliver. In order to do so, however, it is necessary for civil society as well as companies to engage financially.

As well as from our private supporters, we hope that entrepreneurs with heart and mind will take the initiative in bringing their individual talents into our project."

In addition to the opportunity to support the Bowspirit Kids with a classic donation, there are a number of campaigns that combine the fun of a campaign with the joy of helping.

The formats "The world's largest floating pinboard" and "12 times 12" are particularly suitable for entrepreneurs. As they are business sponsorships with return service these are not subject to tax restrictions on donations and can be claimed as operating expenses.

Please contact us at so that we can discuss together which support scheme suits you and your company best.