How can I help?

It's very easy.

You can either support Bowspirit Kids by making a classic donation.

Or you can get involved in our world record attempt "the world’s largest floating pinboard". The campaign combines the fun of the social event with raising funds for a great cause.

Or you can buy something nice for yourself or as a present in our shops. We receive a commission for every purchase made there.

Or you can tell your family, friends, colleagues and neighbours about the Bowspirit Kids, since only as a large, broad-based community we can turn kids' tears into tears of joy.
As the saying goes: "Sharing is caring". The broader our reach in social media as well as in real life through motivated and motivating sharing of our common vision, the more potential supporters we attract. So please like our Facebook page, share our posts, follow us on Instagram or our WhatsApp channel and tell everyone about our vision.
As an entrepreneur or manager, you can get involved with your company through business sponsorships.

As a maritime photographer you can contribute one or three of your special, unique photographs with impressions of ships, ports and the sea to our campaign "Bowspirit Maregraphy".
You can find more ways to support the Bowspirit Kids here.

As you can see, there are many different ways to contribute to our project. It is up to you which way you decide to go.
We and our potential young guests are very grateful for any help!