The World Record Attempt "The World's Largest Floating Pinboard"

Our mission is to help sick and traumatised children and let them take a "recreation from illness". In addition, the Bowspirit Kids Group will be the first organisation we are aware of that makes it possible for kids to stay at a floating holiday and recreation camp.

You can learn more about the planned Bowspirit Kids Camp here.

As a way to realise the Bowspirit Kids concept, we have come up with "the world's largest floating pinboard". And it is not just a corkboard with pins on a small boat. Or a pinboard that simply gets tossed into the water. No, it will be on the sides of an actual large seagoing vessel. This has never been done before and it will be a world record.
If - and only if - the virtual sides of the ship on the website of the support company get filled in with posts.

Everyone can get involved in the world record attempt "the world’s largest floating pinboard"! Including you, because you can help us by filling our virtual ship pinboard with your text, greeting, graphic or photo. Text messages or graphics can be posted on both hull sides of our virtual ship.

Visitors can search for specific posts, zoom in on them or simply browse through them. In addition, a search function allows you to quickly find your own post(s) in the graphic using a pseudonym.

Please note that your post is virtual and initially only appears on our website on a virtual pinboard. If the goal is reached and the side walls of the virtual ship get completely filled in with posts, then your posts and all of the others will be affixed to the side of an actual ship and thus become part of "the world's largest floating pinboard".