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| 02 September 2019

I am a Bowspirit Kid

The little boy on the photo, that's me. I am now seven weeks old. And as you can see, my hair stands on end. That may be because my path into life was not quite easy. I was a severe forceps birth. My father had already been asked who to let die - my mother or me. And when I came into the fresh air alive, the midwife did not congratulate my mother, but said exhausted: "Half of the child is mine". Two days after my birth they took a picture of me. But I will spare you the sight of it at this point: the left half of my head shone in all the colours of the rainbow!


| 27 August 2019

The CSR mission for the transport and tourism industry: Bowspirit Kids

Everyone is talking about Corporate Social Responsibility - or CSR in short - and one might think that social responsibility of businesses is the latest passion of economists.
Yet "the responsibility of companies for their effects on society", as the European Commission defines CSR, is actually a good old merchant tradition that has only been given new attention through appropriate legal requirements.


| 08 August 2019

Turning kids' tears into a sea of joy

You may be surprised to read such a headline in a publication like this one. Well, then I'd like to invite you to accompany me on a small journey, which starts with a few questions life confronted me with: What happens to a child when she or he becomes seriously ill and has to undergo long-term therapies? What are the consequences for the so-called "shadow children" if their siblings or a parent become seriously ill? What happens in the life of a child when Mom or Dad dies?
The simple yet frightening answer is that childhood is lost. - It's gone forever and you can't do anything about it as an adult. - Or maybe you can ...


| 28 March 2019

Bowspirit Kids say "Dankeschön" | "Thanks a lot " | "Merci" | "Tak" | "Kiitos" | "Tack" | "Bedankt" | "Gracias"

Bowspirit Kids would like to thank all participants of this year's Shipbroker's Dinner in Lübeck for their generous support of their project.


| 18 March 2019

Bowspirit Kids nominated for the Mynewsdesk Digital PR Award GSA

The Bowspirit Kids Group has been nominated for the Mynewsdesk Digital PR Award GSA in the category "Best NGO Newsroom". Every year Mynewsdesk honours particularly successful and inspiring PR work with this award in a total of six categories. A selected jury of experts now identifies the winners in the various categories on the basis of a fixed catalogue of qualitative and quantitative criteria.


| 26 February 2019

Penguin with heart needs entrepreneurs with heart

Bowspirit Kids want to help sick and traumatised children and teenagers deal with the foul that life has played to them. To do this, they want to buy an older passenger ferry and convert it into a "floating playroom".


| 16 January 2019

Why I went "all in" for Bowspirit Kids

In an interview with Heinrich Wilhelm Driver, Michael Speckenbach (49), a lawyer from Lübeck (Germany), explains why he founded Bowspirit Kids, why he used everything he had for this purpose, and why this project will not only change the lives of potential little guests in the short run.