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News - 24 May 2019

The above quote from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry came to the minds of the crew of the Bowspirit Kids when they discussed the recent talks with potential supporters and media representatives.

There are obviously some fixed points in our project where the essentials are seemingly invisible to outsiders, even though they are obvious to us initiators.
In a small series of news articles, we talk about this so that you can also say "I can see rightly not only with my heart, but also with my eyes and my mind".

From the financial requirements for the Bowspirit Kids' project, some might conclude that "the rich" or "large foundations and companies" should take responsibility for it.
This idea is fundamentally wrong.

Nor is it a question of how our mastermind financed the launch of Bowspirit Kids. His highly personal decision has no news value at all.
The story is what his money and the supporters' money are used for.

The children should be enabled to make peace with their fate. This requires a loving affection and a bow by the civil societies: "We wouldn't have wanted to get through all this at your age. Therefore we donate to you your start into a hopefully healthy future."

The Bowspirit Kids project is intended to fill a gap in the social systems in Europe. It is therefore necessary for broad sections of the civil societies to participate in the financing. Only then there is a justified chance to initiate a political decision-making process in the medium term on the basis of the emerging track record, which will turn this important support for sick and traumatised children and young people into a public social service.

If Bowspirit Kids were to rely exclusively on large sponsors, they would be far too dependent on these sponsors' business development. - Therefore, the motto is "Many a mickle makes a muckle".
If only every twentieth German citizen would give three euros - as much as a coffee-to-go - then the ship would be financed and we could help.
And the same applies to the financing of ongoing operations in subsequent years. This means that everyone is involved every twenty years with three euros - this should be possible, even if you are already doing good as a donor elsewhere.
The calculation becomes even easier when we think of the 512 million inhabitants of the European Union, since Europe is our field of action.
The individual is all too happy to underestimate the power of the individuals.

But all this presupposes that you report or speak about the Bowspirit Kids in your (distribution) region respectively your sphere. The total sum is an amount that none of us will have at our disposal in life without winning the lottery or inheriting it. But if we do it together and each of us gives half of what she or he may spare for children who have been fouled by life, that goal will be achieved in no time. Every single one only has to be informed by you about our project. We cannot do this alone - this is your valuable contribution for the little ones, which we kindly ask of you!

Of course, you could wait now and see what happens to the project. Or you could wait until the knight in golden armour turns the corner on his black horse, puts down a box full of gold and rides away. In both scenarios nothing will happen and the children will continue to be left alone and suffer.

But we can also simply take each other by the hand, make a small contribution that does not hurt her or him, and do something big hand in hand.

By the way, we would appreciate that much more, because what do you think that means for the children when they know that tens of thousands, even millions of people have stood up to help them, even though they don't know each other at all …?

And also from the perspective of the supporters it is great to know that everyone with a micro contribution becomes part of a community that moves a great thing.

  • Please help so that no seriously ill child and no shadow child on our rich continent is left alone with its burden of soul.
  • Please address the gap in our social systems and the offer that the Bowspirit Kids want to offer financed by the crowd.
  • It is about children in your (distribution) region and their chance to start again confidently into a healthy future after having survived acute treatment.

🐧 🐧 🐧

The Bowspirit Kids Group was founded in spring 2018 in Lübeck, Germany. Our activities focus on the creation of a maritime holiday and recreation camp that will give sick and traumatised children and their siblings - often called the "shadow children" - the opportunity to have fun and take a recreation from the illness. To this aim, we want to take advantage of the mobility of a passenger ferry to be able to operate outside of the base location in order to present the Bowspirit Kids Group and its work worldwide and to initiate further projects based on the guiding theme of a "recreation from illness".

The group has two companies - the non-profit company Bowspirit Kids gemeinnützige GmbH ( www.bowspirit-kids.org) and the (commercially operated) support company Bowspirit Management GmbH ( www.bowspirit-management.com), which are intertwined under company law in such a way that the profits generated by the support company are directed towards the overarching charitable objective.

The Bowspirit Kids Group intends not to base its activities solely on classical donations, but also to raise financial resources through social events and business sponsorships. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the campaign "The world's largest floating pinboard" was launched as kick-off event.



Michael Speckenbach


Managing Director
+49 4502 8491833

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There are obviously some fixed points in our project where the essentials are seemingly invisible to outsiders, even though they are obvious to us initiators. Please let us talk about this in a small series of news articles starting here, so that you can also say "I can see rightly not only with my heart, but also with my eyes and my mind".