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Press Release - 28 March 2019

Happy faces at the donation handover thanks to the plate collection of the Association of Lübeck Ship Brokers and Agents.

Bowspirit Kids would like to thank all participants of this year's Shipbroker's Dinner in Lübeck for their generous support of their project.

On the occasion of yesterday's general meeting Philipp Geißler, Chairman of the Vereinigung Lübecker Schiffsmakler und Schiffsagenten e.V. (Association of Lübeck Ship Brokers and Agents), presented the representatives of the Lübecker Tafel e.V., the Klinik-Clowns Lübeck e.V. and Bowspirit Kids with a donation cheque in the amount of 1,750 euros each.

On invitation of the association and its member companies, 377 guests from 14 nations gathered in the Lübecker Schiffergesellschaft restaurant at the beginning of February for the annual Shipbroker's Dinner. The traditional plate collection raised 4,600 euros, which Stena Line and the association itself generously rounded up.

Michael Speckenbach (49), on behalf of Bowspirit Kids, expressed his gratitude to the participants of the Shipbroker's Dinner on the occasion of the handing over of the donation:
"We are very happy about this support threefold. First of all, of course, about the financial support for our project, which is so important for the children and youth concerned. Secondly, it is precisely this support that provides a strong impetus, because our project is based on the positive effects of seafaring. The fact that the Association of Lübeck Ship Brokers and Agents has recognised this potential with its proposal to support us from the plate collection is an important signal to other potential supporters, for whom shipping and the sea are perhaps more unknown terrain."

Thirdly, the Bowspirit Kids deliberately rely on crowd financing to finance their project - ten million times a euro is no less than ten million euros.

"What better example, recommended for imitation, could there be than this traditional plate collection? With small individual contributions, the guests of the Lübeck Shipbroker's Dinner have achieved something great for the three benefiting organisations. The individual is all too happy to underestimate the power of individuals," says Speckenbach. "If everyone gives half of what she or he may spare for children, who have been fouled by life, then the urgently needed help that the Bowspirit Kids want to offer is financed by all of us together in no time at all. Each individual who is enthusiastic about our vision should only become active, tell her or his 'table neighbour' respectively her or his community about it and put her or his share on the 'plate' before it passes by and a window of opportunity possibly closes."

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The Vereinigung Lübecker Schiffsmakler und Schiffsagenten e.V. (Association of Lübeck Ship Brokers and Agents) was founded in 1918. Originally established as an association of shipbrokers and shipping agents in Lübeck, its members today also include shipping companies and liner operators. The area covered by the association includes the port of Lübeck as well as Neustadt in Holstein, Heiligenhafen and Puttgarden.   |   Contact:

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The Bowspirit Kids Group was founded in spring 2018 in Lübeck, Germany. Our activities focus on the creation of a maritime holiday and recreation camp that will give sick and traumatised children and their siblings - often called the "shadow children" - the opportunity to have fun and take a recreation from the illness. To this aim, we want to take advantage of the mobility of a passenger ferry to be able to operate outside of the base location in order to present the Bowspirit Kids Group and its work worldwide and to initiate further projects based on the guiding theme of a "recreation from illness".

The group has two companies - the non-profit company Bowspirit Kids gemeinnützige GmbH ( and the (commercially operated) support company Bowspirit Management GmbH (, which are intertwined under company law in such a way that the profits generated by the support company are directed towards the overarching charitable objective.

The Bowspirit Kids Group intends not to base its activities solely on classical donations, but also to raise financial resources through social events and business sponsorships. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the campaign "The world's largest floating pinboard" was launched as kick-off event.



Michael Speckenbach


Managing Director
+49 4502 8491833

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