The little hummingbird that changed the world

One day, as an Indian legend tells us, a huge wildfire broke out.

Dismayed, all the animals watched helplessly as the fire raged. Only the little hummingbird kept flying off with a few drops of water which it dropped from its beak onto the flames. After a while, the armadillo called out to him angrily: "Hey, hummingbird! Are you completely mad? You'll never put out this fire with a few drops of water!"

The hummingbird looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I know that! But I'll do what I can!"

Some people - including some in our community - feel particularly powerless at the moment and do not believe that they can change anything about the state of the world.
Giving sick and traumatised children, perhaps even children of war, a special time out and thus contributing to their mental recovery seems impossible to some.
But we believe that there is a little hummingbird in each of us. Because if you change something in yourself, you change the world!

Thank you for helping us to turn kids' tears into tears of joy !